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-whispers- don’t push him off the bed. make use of him. use him as a body pillow heheheheheheheheheh

of course how could i pass up that opportunity

Anonymous sent:
Your art makes me warm and happy inside. :D

ohgodaskdfjakld tthank you so much you are super sweet ;____;

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by: ほたる

imagine a naked jean waiting for you at the end of your semester

you are correct that is a great motivating factor


short haired arm child doodles before bed


For einaar/moeskine, because we thought EreJean needed it’s own day of the week and came up with fist-in-your-face mondays! Just a quick doodle to celebrate ^^

I have literally been doing schoolwork for fifteen hours straight at this point in the semester if someone came up to me and punched me in the face i’d probably shake their hand and say thanks

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