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Anonymous: Hi! I really really really love your art and whenever you draw something i get super hyped... Just wanted to tell you haha

Hello!! Thank you so much dear that’s so sweet, you’re so sweet, thank you ;___:


Three years.

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little nerds


TvTropes Presents: Jean Kirschstein Requested by theatomicboom

"I’ve had enough of people dying on my account!"

Anonymous: your art gives me life. (especially jeaneren stuff)

Thank you so much dear!! I have more jeaneren stuff coming soon, I promise!


oh no



So late but happy birthday to my favourite loser ´  - ` ♥♥♥

Anonymous: Ew go back to your den


I find it amazing that you’re still sending me (and others) jeaneren hate after all this time, and yes I know it’s you because your shitty sentence structure is a huge tip off. It’s been about six months since you & others started this whole anti-jeaneren campaign so how about you actually go do something more productive with your life like suck a dick for charity


it’s been forever since i’ve had time to doodle my boys ;___;


Finally finished my Levi print which is available on my storenvy
Flipped up top so you can see it better c:

This is actually a redraw of a screen cap from the ACWNR trailer! 

This is dedicated to the lovely orderandsophism, who is always inspiring me with their headcanons, writing, and beautiful singing voice. And they made me love Levi even more than I did before. 

You can view it full sized w/o any lost quality or stretching here